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2 months as an agented author!

Time flies when you're writing books!

Well, not really. Right now, time is like trying to hold a feral cat that will go from sleeping in your arms to clawing off your face in less than .0002 seconds. The distance between calm and chaos is short.

Yesterday marked 2 months of being represented by my dream literary agent, and I have an announcement that you have probably seen whispers of in my IG stories...

I'M ON SUB!!!!!

For any friends who may not know, "on sub" is shorthand for your agent submitting your book to editors at publishing houses in pursuit of a sale. To get to this point, you have to:

1) Write a draft

2) Edit that draft so it doesn't suck anymore and it becomes a manuscript

3) Query that manuscript to literary agents

4) Receive an offer of representation from an agent that's a good fit

5) Edit the manuscript AGAIN with that agent to make it as polished as possible

THEN, your agent will start submitting your book! I'm unable to discuss some of the specifics of what is happening with my book now, but I will provide updates as soon as I can!

This post was supposed to be about what life has been like these past two months, so let me stop this tangent and get back to the point. I signed with Mollie Glick on September 9th, and spent all of September and October editing. It was very hard! I love my agent and her brain is magical, which can sometimes leave me feeling a little bit intimidated, even though she consistently provides me with assurance, advice, and witty Jane Austen references. She's working really hard not only on my book, but also on my confidence as a writer. I often get in my own head about the idea of letting her down because she was my DREAM agent (like, I thought I might have to write at least ten books before she would talk to me because she was so cool), so the idea of having this dream come true and then messing it up TERRIFIES me. I think it's just going to take a little more time for all of this to feel real. For a long time, "Mollie Glick" was like a concept to me, an idea that existed in the abstract, a goal to reach for. But now, she's a person, a colleague, a friend, a person who listens to my chaotic ideas and helps me channel that into a book. Does that makes sense???? Am I being too emo??????

Anyway, editing was hard, but I learned so much and I am so beyond proud of the book. It's actually HILARIOUS to see the differences between the one-week draft and the finished product because honestly, you can barely tell that these two projects came from the same brain-seed.

As far as being on sub, again I'm not able to say much, but I CAN say that the moment you find out that your book is with your dream editor, you will probably scream. It is a scream-worthy moment.

In other news, I started a new tiktok account just for writing/querying advice! It's @sydwritesbooks if you are interested. Feel free to comment any questions!

To end this post, I want to say thank you to all of my bookish besties who have been supporting me from the very beginning. I couldn't do this without y'all.

Thank you. <3

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