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In the picturesque setting of Regency London in 1819, eighteen-year-old Marigold Claude is nearing the end of another season without accepting a proposal from another boring suitor. When her grandmother Althea visits and reveals that Marigold is gifted with generational magic, they return to the Lake Isle of Innisfree where she begins training to be a Honey Witch—an apothecary and alchemist who uses her magical connection with the bees to create enchanted honey for her spells. While this lovely power leaves her especially adept at helping others find love, it also comes with an ancient curse that none have been able to break: no one can fall in love with a Honey Witch.

Despite the curse, Marigold finds herself enamored with Lottie Burke (18) who has been dragged to the Honey Witch house by August Owens (17), her plucky best friend who is searching for a spell to find his soulmate. Lottie is a skeptic who does not believe in love and certainly does not believe in magic, so when Marigold agrees to help, it is on one condition: they must remain at the Honey Witch house until Lottie swallows her pride and admits that Honey magic is real.

As Marigold begins to care for Lottie in a way that she never expected, she faces a choice; accept her lonely fate, or fight for her freedom and the girl she loves. An ancient evil awakens, and dark secrets reveal that Marigold only has one chance to break the curse—at the risk of losing her magic, her heart, and her life.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, THE HONEY WITCH is an #ownvoices f/f YA Historical Fantasy novel complete at 75,000 words. With its whimsical magic system, it would especially appeal to fans of THE NATURE OF WITCHES by Rachel Griffin and A MAGIC STEEPED IN POISON by Judy Lin.


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Image by Sandra Seitamaa
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