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Where The Water Burns

Adult Fantasy Series — Book 1: Complete at 90,000 Words

Born from the forbidden love of her Human mother and Vampyric father, a Dhampir named Aurelya Faerbane is hidden away in Bolghaven, the secluded swamplands of Vanoska. When a mysterious sickness threatens to take the lives of her parents, she is given the impossible choice: stay hidden and watch them die, or risk being discovered while in search of a cure. 

As she chooses to fight for her family, she collides with a rugged hunter named Gryphon Rysak, whom she expects will execute her upon sight—a fate of which her parents have always warned, should she ever get caught. Instead, Gryphon reveals that their entire village is plagued, and only together will they be able to bring help to their home. 

They seek the aid of The Crows, an occult group of ancient and sorcerous apothecaries marked by their distinctive bird-like masks. Aurelya knows their favor will not come easy or free, but their price will require her to accept a dark destiny that has been escaped by generations past. 

Perilous magic is unveiling, and treachery lurks in every direction. To save Bolghaven, and all of Vanoska, they'll first need to stay alive. The gruesome deaths are stacking up, and if they cannot defeat this sickness, there will be no home left for them. Aurelya thus begins the adventure she never wanted which will force her to weigh fate against love, and may cost her heart. 

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Image by Sandra Seitamaa


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